Getting Organised

After the most hectic week there was only one obvious choice of what my next blog post was going to be about – getting organised!

I am an avid lover of absolutely all things stationary, from pens to notepads, sticky notes to planners, I’ve got them in abundance. All which I believe are key tools for helping have my shit together, or at least giving the illusion that I do. So I thought I would give you a sneak peak of my desktop and some of my top tips on keeping organised.

Tip No 1 – Create a working space you love


After years of working from my bed or sharing my Mum’s office I decided to create my own little working space to keep all things work and university separate from my down time. Now you can’t get me away from it! My desk is a mix of personalised trinkets and bright, colourful stationary. Many have fallen into the dreamy marble and rose gold/copper trend (which I also love) I decided to be a little different and keep things bright, but still a little cosy at the same time.


My pen pots (technically cups) are both Ben De Lisi that I picked up from the sale shelf in Debenhams and I absolutely LOVE them, especially the mug. The clapperboard light, an ode to my filmmaking degree, was from Primark (!!) and you can write on it too! Last but not least, I couldn’t not have a candle and this Rhubarb Flower one from Marks & Spencer is without a doubt my favourite of all time.


Tip No 2 – Keep a planner!


This beautiful leafy planner is the latest edition to my stationary family and I don’t know about you but a new planner, ready to be filled with plans and notes is my idea of heaven. I picked this up from TK Maxx (the promise land) for only £6.99 and it’s everything I could ever wish for. The front section is a month-to-view calendar followed by week-to-view, starting from September 2017 to December 2018. This is great for jotting down important dates at the front and then more detailed weekly notes.


Tip No 3 – Make ALL the lists


I absolutely love making to-do lists and I honestly don’t know how I would survive without my trusty 5 Days A Week notepad. I usually fill this out either on a Sunday night or Monday morning, using my planner for reference, to see everything I need to do that week. This keeps me on top of all the week’s goings on and any little odd jobs that I can’t forget to do. This specific pad is by which I think is an American company but I got this at TK Maxx (again, the promise land) and you can get their stuff from (another promise land if you love quirky, illustrated stationary like me).


My second beloved desk-pad is this “Stuff To Do” pad. I got this from the August Papergang box, a monthly stationary subscription service from Yes, you heard correctly I have a monthly stationary subscription. The addiction is real. However this month in particular was my absolute DREAM as it was all stationary by Gemma Correll, my ultimate fave illustrator. (If you haven’t checked her out you really, really should). I use this to make any little to-do lists or planning lists I need to make and it also helps that it’s super adorable too!

So that’s I how manage (somehow) to keep myself organised. I think they’re pretty standard tips for organisation but I was really excited to share them!

Until next time!

Becki x


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