Designer Bag Wishlist

So one post that I’ve been really looking forward to writing about is this one – My Designer Bag Wishlist. Designer bags are something I’ve lusted over for such a long time now and after investing in all the tech I could need for my career, it’s finally time for me to start saving towards my first high-end designer bag! With one of these in particular aiming to be my first, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 dream bags which one day, probably after an unlikely lottery win I would love to own!

Gucci Soho Disco

Gucci Soho Green

It seems as if every blogger and their dog has a Gucci Soho Disco bag and this emerald beauty is top of my hit list. Luckily it is also the cheapest (WOO) at £640 on Net-A-Porter which I think is very reasonable for such a beautiful, practical bag with such a prestigious name. The bag comes in a variety of different colours, red seems to be the most popular one I’ve seen, but as green is my favourite colour, it has to be this one for me! (Hopefully, soon!)

Chloe Faye Backpack

Chloe Faye Backpack

Now this gorgeous bag is a very recent addition to my wishlist, after seeing Hello October (who has an INSANE bag collection) rocking this in her recent holiday vlogs. And let me tell you now, it was love at first sight. I’m really not one for plain black bag for day-to-day, even though that seems like the smarter option when investing in a bag so it can go with everything, I just love this gorgeous pop of colour. Currently listed at £1,290 it’s basically double the price of the Gucci bag so will definitely take a lot more saving!

Valentino Lock (Medium)

Valentino Lock

I am absolutely obsessed with anything and everything Valentino and this stunning bag is no exception. This style is the medium version as I see this as more of a night bag rather than day to day and I tend to take FAR too much out in the evenings with me. My night out wardrobe pretty much consists of all black everything with gold jewellery so I think this would compliment it all perfectly.  Listed at £1,395, (as you can see we’re going up in price here, eek) it is a LOT for just an evening bag but realistically, I’m pretty sure I would wear it all day, every day if I did own it. Also like, can we just.. I mean it’s STUNNING.

Givenchy Antigona (Small)


Another cult blogger favourite it seems but I have also fallen deeply into the trap of the gorgeous Givenchy Antigona bag. Look at it, it’s so dreamy. It’s structured design is something I really love in a bag. It’s one of those bags that’s like “Yeah, I’ve got my shit together, this is definitely filled with a filofax and other important items and definitely not snacks and old receipts”. At the not-so-pocket-friendly price of £1,490 it’s definitely another investment piece, but especially in this beautiful pale blue colour I am in LOVE. And one day, hopefully, it will be mine!

Chanel Boy Bag 


And last, but dear God in certainly no means least, the master of all designer bags. The Chanel Boy. This bag, in this heart-shatteringly beautiful dark teal colour and gold metal hardware, is THE be all and end all bag of my dreams. I honestly can’t even cope. Now there is a pretty much one in a million chance of me ever owning this bag and I have sadly come to terms with that. One of the many factors being that it is £3,550 and the other that it is also incredibly rare (as far as I’m aware). It is part of the Chanel “Metiérs D’art 2016/17 Paris Cosmopolite” collection and I’ve never seen it anywhere but the website. This does completely break my heart and if I do ever get that incredibly unlikely lottery win, I will travel far and wide to track one of these bad boys down (get it, cause it’s a boy bag… I’ll stop, I’m sorry).


So that was my all time, top 5 designer bags wish list! I would love to know what bags any of you are lusting after or even if anyone is incredibly lucky enough to own one!

Ciao for now!

Becki x


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